4-AcO-DET Pellets


Product Name: 4-AcO-DET 20mg Pellets

Other Name(s): 4-acetoxy-N,N-diethyltryptamine fumarate

Active Ingredient(s): 4-AcO-DET fumarate (20 mg)

Other Ingredient(s): MCC, colloidal silicon dioxide, sodium starch glycolate, sodium stearyl fumarate, E160a

Appearance: 6 mm round orange pellet


4-AcO-DET Pellets

4-ACO-DET also known by the names 4-Acetoxy-DET, ethacetin, and ethylacybin is a psychedelic substance of the tryptamine class. 4-Acetoxy-DET was first synthesized in 1958 by Albert Hofmann in the Sandoz lab. Thus, a Swiss chemist known worldwide for being the first person to synthesize and research the potential psychedelic outcomes of lysergic acid diethylamide. 4-AcO-DET Pellets

Hofmann was also the first person to synthesize and name the psychedelic mushroom psilocybin and psilocin. 4-ACO-DET is a synthetic psychedelic substance of the tryptamine class that is relatively mysterious. However, it is described as being somewhat similar to psilocybin, also known as 4-HO-DMT or 4-OH-DMT.

Psilocin is a naturally-occurring psychedelic substance and the primary psychoactive constituent in certain species of mushrooms. Researchers who are looking for an alternative to psilocybin for hallucinatory results are often satisfied with 4-AcO-DET.


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