2/3-FEA Pellets


Product Name: 2/3-FEA 40mg/120mg Pellets

Other Name(s): 2-fluoroethamphetamine/3-fluoroethamphetamine hydrochloride

CAS: 3871-89-4 / 54982-43-3

Active Ingredient(s): 2-FEA hydrochloride (40 mg), 3-FEA hydrochloride (120 mg)

Other Ingredient(s): MCC, colloidal silicon dioxide, sodium starch glycolate, sodium strearyl fumarate, E102

Appearance: 12 mm pentagonal yellow ‘Bitcoin’ pellets


2/3-FEA Pellets

3Phoria is a research chemical consisting of a careful blend of 2-FEA and 3-FEA. 2/3 FEA are strong synthetic amphetamines. However, many researchers have started experimenting with 3Phoria because of the desired scientific outcomes that 3Phoria typically produces. According to scientific reports, 2/3-FEA produces the following classical stimulant outcomes: 2/3-FEA Pellets

2-FEA is an amphetamine class stimulant and closely related to 2-FMA also known as 2-Fluorethamphetamine. The outcomes after scientific research of 2-FEA are different stimulations and euphoria. 2-FEA, in theory, effectively increases levels of monoamine, neurotransmitters, dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. 2/3-FEA Pellets

3-FEA AKA 3-fluoromethamphetamine is a fluorinated compound of the amphetamine family. Research reports have characterized 3-FEA as a moderately potent serotonin-dominant triple monoamine releaser that produces a mixture of entactogenic and mildly stimulating results on test subjects.


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